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Effective August 2015, but if in doubt, check first


Bee Culture is the magazine of American Beekeeping. We cover beekeeping – its history, how-to-do everything beekeeping covers, equipment used and made, and even the humorous side of this craft. But there’s so much more to the world we touch – pollination, honey plants, gardening with bees, wildlife and woodland plantings, and all the creatures that bees affect and interact with.

There’s a serious side too – pesticides, politics, imports, marketing, pests, predators and diseases. All are examined, investigated, explored and explained.

Bee Culture has a constant demand for articles on bees and beekeeping, pollination and honey plants, garden and forest management for bees, and a wide variety of related topics. With over 100 pages for most issues, we generally run 15 – 16 articles, all averaging 1000-2000 words. About a third to half are submitted by outside writers.

Before submitting an article we suggest you read several articles on our web page to determine the style and direction of the magazine. And we urge you to submit an article proposal or outline. Proposals should be about 200 words or less, with one or two photos for demonstration if you think they are needed, all via email. USPS delivered proposals will be addressed, but we are seldom timely. We will review full length, unsolicited manuscripts if submitted via email, and even hard copy, but expect a month before we can get to a reply.

Our standard manuscript guidelines for format should be followed:

  • Double-spaced with ¾” margins, set for standard U.S. paper size in MS Word compatible format, readable on a PC. Each article should be attached to an email, and not embedded in the email, to Jerry@BeeCulture.com .
  • Each page of the manuscript must be numbered and must include the author’s name and contact information at the top.
  • Total attached document size should not exceed 5 MB.
  • If photos are part of the submission that should be noted in the email, i.e. 4 photos to follow.


Photo and art guidelines:

  • Hard copies of photos and art, on the back, should have the same information, plus a detailed caption and attribution if necessary.
  • Electronic photos should be .jpg format, 300 dpi, with only a single photo per email, and the photo should not exceed 5 MB and be attached and not embedded in the email, and sent to Jerry@BeeCulture.com.
  • If you email a MS or photo we advise to follow up with an email to make sure we received it.


Because of the volume of mail we receive, and the very few people we have to handle these, if manuscripts are received that do not conform to these basic requests, as much as we regret doing it, they will be returned. Basically, if our job is easy, we can get to your article. If not, we can’t.

Hard copy articles should be typed, double space with contact info on every numbered page, photos as prints or slides must be labeled as the article copy pages. Return postage if you want them back.

Though we don’t like to, if manuscripts, electronic or hard copy, don’t meet these minimal requirements they’ll be returned unread and unanswered.

Content: The best article is one that shows a keen awareness and knowledge of the subject material. Accuracy is important. Our readers have a strong bond with the magazine and place their trust in the information we present. Profiles of individuals or groups important to the industry or allies are welcome, especially if they endorse or support a cause or ideal other than the norm. Articles dealing with marketing honey or other hive products, or even how-to-sell skills, are excellent, especially if they are supported by successful personal experiences or interviews of those that are.

Ideally, your article should be accompanied by detailed photos or drawings to illustrate the work. Digital graphics are best, but prints and color transparencies that reproduce well are certainly accepted. Each photo must be labeled with 1) name and address of submitter, 2) name of person to credit photo (if different), 3) title of accompanying article, and 4) detailed caption. Again, if not properly labeled, they will be returned. We don’t like misplacing your photos or stories.

Cover photos are always welcome and many come from photographers other than our staff or from published stories in a particular issue. Cover photo submissions must be of exceptional quality. Look at a cover and note vertical layout and title and accompanying position. Color transparencies (slides or photographs) and electronic photos (in the 300 dpi, 9 x 12 resolution and size) work well. Note too that the top third, or the left third of the photo will be displayed on the newsstand.



Unsolicited regular or feature articles, between 1500-2000 words pays roughly $150.00-$200.00, including photos (more on negotiation). Payment is usually made on publication. We do not make reprints but will provide issues of the magazine the article appears in. Articles that are solicited by the Editor usually pay more depending on difficulty and editing required. Any articles requiring heavy editing or rewrite will offer less. Cover photos are paid $50.00, for one time use.


Conditions & Rights

The A. I. Root Company, Publishers, buys first North American Serial rights to any article we publish. We normally reserve the right to republish these articles in books or collections published under the Root Publishing Co. name. Compensation and permission for republishing will be made.

Simultaneous submission to another Journal, if published before, at the same time, or after our publication will forfeit all rights, and payment unless otherwise agreed upon. If other publications seek to reprint articles first published in Bee Culture, we will refer all requests to the author. We will assist in any negotiations, if requested, and only request that we are credited with first publication. We cannot assume responsibility for any material while in transit. Material in possession of The A. I. Root Co. will be replaced at full publication value, save loss by Acts of God. Articles placed on our web page are copyright free for viewers. We offer no additional payment for this. Beginning in 2010, every issue of Bee Culture is also sold in digital format. There is no additional compensation for this. If your article includes a hyperlink that is embedded it will not be carried to the digital version unless you include the entire url – www.BeeCulture.com for instance, will be carried, while BeeCulture Magazine won’t.


Final Word

Bee Culture prides itself on working with both new and inexperienced writers, as well as professional writers and photographers. We are keenly interested in good material, no matter the source.



It is easier to ask first than fix later. If you are unsure about something contact Jerry@BeeCulture.com before sending it in.